is decorator the right thing to use?

Dmitry S. Makovey dmitry at
Thu Sep 25 20:22:11 CEST 2008

Aaron "Castironpi" Brady wrote:
> You should write it like this:
> class B(object):
>      @A.proxy
>      def bmethod(self,a):
> Making 'proxy' a class method on A.  

makes sense.

> In case different A instances (do 
> you have more than one BTW?) 

yep. I have multiple instances of class A, each one has properties (one per
class) of classes B, C and D:

class A:
        def __init__(self,b,c,d):

        ...magic with proxying methods goes here...

class B: 
        def bmethod(self,x): pass # we proxy this method from A
        def bmethod2(self,x): pass # this is not proxied
class C: 
        def cmethod(self,x): pass # we proxy this method from A
class D: 
        def dmethod(self,x): pass # we proxy this method from A

a.bmethod2(x) # raises error as we shouldn't proxy bmethod2

above is the ideal scenario. 

> What you've said implies that you only have one B instance, or only
> one per A instance.  Is this correct?

yes. as per above code.

> I agree that __setattr__ is the canonical solution to proxy, but you
> have stated that you want each proxied method to be a member in the
> proxy class.

well. kind of. if I can make it transparent to the consumer so that he
shouldn't do:


but rather:


As I'm trying to keep b, c and d as private properties and would like to
filter which calls are allowed to those. Plus proxied methods in either one
always expect certain parameters like:

class B:
        def bmethod(self,c,x): pass

and A encapsulates 'c' already and can fill in that blank automagically:

class A:
        def bmethod(self,c,x):
                if not c:

I kept this part of the problem out of this discussion as I'm pretty sure I
can fill those in once I figure out the basic problem of auto-population of
proxy methods since for each class/method those are going to be nearly
identical. If I can autogenerate those on-the-fly I'm pretty sure I can add
some extra-logic to them as well including signature change where
A::bmethod(self,c,x) would become A::bmethod(self,x) etc.

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