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Actually the number I am getting it is from slicing from a long text
line. I need to slice 10 characters from that line but no string only
numeric numbers. When I am slicing 10 characters those A, c, O is coming
at the end. 


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> I need to remove text string from the list of the numbers mentioned
> below:
> 080829-7_A
> 070529-5_c
> 080824-7_O
> 070405_6_p
	?	Is that last one an error that is supposed to be
...5-6_, not
...5_6_	?

1)		If the required data is fixed width, just slice it

	out = inp[:8]

2)		If the data is variable width but has a fixed delimiter,
the delimiter position and then slice (this is the reason for my
question above -- this method) OR just split on the delimiter and take
the part you need.

	out = inp.split("_")[0]

3)		If the data is more complex (again if that last line
with two _
is supposed to be trimmed after the second, and the first turned into a
-) you will need to fully define the parsing rules of the data.
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