How to marshal objects to readable files?

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Sun Sep 14 23:03:55 CEST 2008

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> On Sep 14, 10:28 am, nielinjie <nielin... at> wrote:
>> Hi list:
>> I just want to marshal objects (instance of custom classes)to a human
>> *READABEL *file/string, and also, I want unmarshal it back. in xml
>> format or any other format.
>> Any advice? Which lib should I use?
> The PyYAML package produces the following (continued):
>>>> print yaml.dump( a )
> &id001 !!python/object:__main__.A
> b: 0
> c: abc
> d: !!python/object:__main__.A
>   d: efg
>   e: 1.2
>   parent: *id001

JSON is another format, much simpler and probably more suited for human  
reading. But it is somewhat limited on what it can represent. There are a  
few Python implementations, maybe the most used is simplejson, which comes  
bundled with Python 2.6 as the json module.

Gabriel Genellina

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