Visualize class inheritance hierarchy

Rob Kirkpatrick robert.d.kirkpatrick at
Wed Sep 24 00:53:03 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I just finished debugging some code where I needed to determine why
one subclass had a bound method and another did not.  They had
different pedigree's but I didn't know immediately what the
differences were.

I ended up walking the hierarchy, going back one class at a time
through the code, for the two subclasses (hierarchy ~7 classes deep
each) to see whom they inherited from.  Short of writing this down on
paper, is there any way to graphically display the pedigree of an
object/class?  "Graphically" can be text output to the terminal, don't
need anything special...

I'm assuming this has been discussed before, but I'm lacking any
Google keywords that bring up the appropriate discussion.


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