The Python Papers, Volume 3 Issue 2

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Thu Sep 4 15:05:00 CEST 2008

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> Hi everyone
> After a long wait of nearly 5 month, we are back in business to bring
> the latest edition of The Python Papers - Volume 3 Issue 2 (http://
> From this issue onwards, we will be having only 3 issues per year
> instead of 4. This is in compliance with our ISSN registration.
> What's new
> =========
> 1. We have expanded our editorial team with 2 new Associate Editors,
> Sarah Mount (from UK) and Guy Kloss from (New Zealand).
> 2. TPP is now managed using Open Journal System and it can be assessed
> at
> 3. Backporting of previous issues of TPP from Volume 1 Issue 1 is
> complete
> 4. We had "soft-launched" TWO new periodicals - The Python Papers
> Monographs (for monograph-length submissions which may include
> dissertations, conference proceedings, case studies and advanced-level
> lectures) and The Python Papers Source Codes (modeled after ACM
> Collected Algorithms and provides a collection of software and source
> codes, usually associated with papers published in The Python Papers
> and The Python Papers Monograph). They shall be TPPM and TPPSC
> respectively.
> 5. Collectively, TPP, TPPM and TPPSC will be umbrella-ed as The Python
> Papers Anthology (TPPA) and managed under the same editorial
> committee.
> 6. Probably the most important development to TPP is that TPP is
> currently indexed by a number of services, including Google Scholar
> and OAIster, as a result of using Open Journal System.
> So, please enjoy our latest edition and we look towards all of your
> continued support and contributions.
> Thank you.
> Cheers
> Maurice Ling
> Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Python Papers Anthology

Good to see that the newest edition of the journal is out.  Also, I
believe the correct URL should either be:

Thanks for providing this great resource.


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