Python, Factset, and Excel - Oh my!

Desmond Scott E scottd at
Thu Sep 18 21:41:36 CEST 2008

I'm still a Python novice.
I'm still attempting to migrate a Python-based process from
Windows2000/Python v2.4.2 (#67)/Excel2000 to WindowsXP/Python v2.5.2
I now have a new "opportunity"!
I need some help with the step in the Python script that calls Excel and
invokes the Factset API to download data into a spreadsheet.  I'm
thinking that this is a Python / Factset API setup issue.  Is the
Factset API installed as a component of Python?  Or does the Factset API
exist in Windows and available to any application, like Python? 
Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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