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> Sir,
> You are absolutely correct.  I was praying to G_d I did not have to
> slaughter my project's source code in this manner.  However, like life
> itself, I was given legacy source code (i.e. someone else errors to fix)
> in Perl.  However, I have just found out that there is a way to import
> the Perl interpreter within Python!!!  I now believe I can utilize
> python as the main platform to develop the project upon !!  
> Thanks,
> David
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> > I was wondering if it was possible to have a situation where a
> > programming project would utilized BOTH python and perl?  Such as
> > utilizing python for internet programming and then utilize perl for
> > text processing and systems programming?  Is this even feasible???
> I don't see why not but I also question if it is a good idea.  Once you
> have all your objects and low level methods written in Python it just
> makes sense to re-use them rather than trying to duplicate the
> functionality in another language.
> Of course, sometimes we don't have control over our entire environment
> so yes, you can mix them if you have to.

Rewrite everything in python.  Save yourself now...while you still


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