any tool can shrink DLL?

oyster lepto.python at
Mon Sep 22 08:53:29 CEST 2008

For many external lib, python( and use only the DLL
version, whcih is very big often if we want to release our program.
So, is there such a tool that can scan a DLL then strip the unused
function's code out, so yields a small working DLL?

for example, in my program I use only 'compress' function in zlib.dll, then
1. I write a list file in which I emurate the function that I used
[code func.lst]

2. run the application
shrink zlib.dll func.lst
the shrink scans zlib.dll, dumps function 'compress' and all function
code on which 'compress' rely, and at last writes tiny-zlib.dll

BTW, I know why there is DLL.
BTW2, forget upx and so on, they lead to obvious speed down in my experiment

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