Tkinter 3000 WCK Install Problem

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Sep 22 23:26:55 CEST 2008

garyr wrote:

> I'm trying to install WCK. I downloaded and installed the Windows
> executable for my Python version. It appeared to run OK. I then
> downloaded the demo files but find that none run due to error:
> ImportError: No module named _tk3draw.
> I'm using ActivePython 2.3.5 on Windows XP Home.
> What can I do to fix this problem?

the error means that the interpreter cannot find the _tk3draw.pyd file.

if you use the standard install location, it should be installed under


you could try this:

 >>> import FixTk
 >>> import _tk3draw
 >>> _tk3draw.__file__

if this also gives you an error, search for _tk3draw.pyd on the disk.


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