is decorator the right thing to use?

Dmitry S. Makovey dmitry at
Sun Sep 28 05:38:27 CEST 2008

George Sakkis wrote:
> It's funny how often you come with a better solution a few moments
> after htting send! The snippet above can (ab)use the decorator syntax
> so that it becomes:
> class A(Proxy):
>     @ProxyMethod
>     def bmethod(self):
>         return self.b1
>     @ProxyMethod
>     def bmethod2(self):
>         return self.b2

That is outstanding! This code looks very clean to me (just a touch cryptic
around declarations in A, but that was unavoidable anyway). Seems like the
right way to read it would be bottom up (or is it only my mind so
perverted?). By the looks of it - it does exactly what I needed with great
number of possibilities behind it and is very lightweight and transparent.
Now I regret I haven't come up with it myself :-D

George, at this point I'm out of rugs - so no more rug pulling from under
your feet for me. 

Now I'm going to apply all this knowledge to my code, see how that goes and
come back with more questions later.

Thank you (all) very much for a great discussion. This thread educated me
quite a bit on descriptors and why one would need them, and decorators -
just as subject line suggested, were not forgotten. 

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