Linq to Python

hrishy hrishys at
Thu Sep 25 12:06:14 CEST 2008


If i rephrase my question how will i do this in Python

Watch this query on the page Where he joins all different kind of things with ease and elegance(as per my opinion)

var stoogeGuys = 
     Beginning with the XML source
     from xmlGuys in xmlSource.Descendants("Stooge")
     Join to the array on the common element "stoogeName"
     join arrayGuys in familyFacts 
           on xmlGuys.Element("stoogeName").Value equals arrayGuys.stoogeName
     Join to the database on the common element "stoogeName"
     join dbGuys in stoogeContext.stoogeTables 
           on xmlGuys.Element("stoogeName").Value equals dbGuys.stoogeName 
     select new
        firstName    = dbGuys.stoogeName,
        familyName   = arrayGuys.familyName,
        birthDate    = xmlGuys.Element("birthDate").Value,
        deathDate    = xmlGuys.Element("deathDate").Value,
        hairCutStyle = dbGuys.stoogeHaircut,



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