Web programming in Python.

Kurda Yon kurdayon at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 29 00:39:22 CEST 2008


I am totaly newbie in the Python's web programming. So, I dont even
know the basic conceptions (but I have ideas about php-web-
programming). Does it work in a similar way? First, I have to install
a Python-server?

On the server where I have my web site (it runs under Linux) if I type
"python" I get the Python command line. Does it mean that I already
have everything what I need to start web programming in Python. Should
I give *.py extension to the Python programs?

I tried the simplest what could I imagine. And it does not work. I
have created a file "test.py" which contains
print "Hello, World!"

If I type "python test.py" it works! But, if I put in the address line
of my browser "www.mydomainname.org/test.py" it does not work. Or, to
be more precisely, in my browser I see the content of the
"test.py" (not the result of the execution).

Could you pleas help me to start?

Thank you !

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