Can anyone suggest a good crypto package?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Sep 6 02:53:31 CEST 2008

Fett <FettManChu at> writes:
> I am having trouble seeing how I would post the encrypted data to a
> website and get it back without it changing some. 

I don't understand why it would change.  I'm a little confused though,
I didn't realize you wanted to post the data to a web site.  What
exactly are you trying to do?

> By replay attack I assume you mean posting old data with the signature
> that is valid for that data? 

Yes, the usual case is injecting an old message into a sequence of
messages that is part of a protocol.

> Thanks for the warning, I suppose I could include a date/timestamp
> in the data.

Be aware in general that security is a messy and difficult subject and
there are a lot of subtle errors you can make.  You might look at some
of the articles at or the book "Security Engineering"
( to see some of the issues.

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