ReportLab 2.2 has been released

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Sep 11 19:07:19 CEST 2008

Version 2.2 of the ReportLab open-source toolkit is out! You find downloads and 
src instructions at

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the open-source toolkit in the run-up 
to the 2.2 release, whether by reporting bugs, sending patches, or contributing 
to the reportlab-users mailing list. Thanks especially to the following people, 
who contributed code that has gone into 2.2: including, but not limited to 
(apologies to any missed out) Matt Folwell, Jerome Alet, Harald Armin Massa, 
kevin at, Sebastian Ware, Martin Tate, Wietse Jacobs, Christian Jacobs, 
Volker Haas, Dinu Gherman, Dirk Datzert & Yuan Hong.

If we missed you, please let us know!

New Features
     pdfmetrics: Added registerFontFamily function
     Basic support for pdf document viewer preferences (e.g.: fullscreen).

     Paragraph <img> tag support for inline images.
     Paragraph autoleading support (helps with <img> tags).
     Platypus doctemplate programming support.
     Support for tables with non-uniform row length.

     RGBA image support for suitable bitmap types.
     LTO labelling barcode.

And many bugfixes...
Robin Becker

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