PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

David Trem david.trem at
Sun Sep 14 20:34:00 CEST 2008

On 10 sep, 20:36, Fred Pacquier <xne... at> wrote:
> Todd Whiteman <to... at> said :
> > Personally, I believe XULRunner has a lot to offer for Python GUI
> > development, I'm currently finishing up some documentation steps to show
> > off how to use it specifically for Python (I'll post it to this list
> > when it's finished).
> That would be really nice !
> I've long been curious about the potential of XUL+Python, but put off by
> the lack of leads to follow up, and not having time to do the digging
> myself...
> TIA,
> fp

I will also like to see such documentation as soon as possible.
To me, XUL+python really looks like what could be my prefered solution
for multiplatform GUI for my python program.
I'm really impatient and hope a strong and motivated community could
set up arrond such XUL+python project.

All the best,


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