Python for the iPhone?

Python Nutter pythonnutter at
Thu Sep 18 11:22:19 CEST 2008

Yes it does involve Jailbreaking.

and Ruby

are all available to run on the iPhone after you Jailbreak it.

Just run the Cydia appliacation (jailbreak's AppStore) to install
anything you want.

For me I have not installed Python (yet). Jailbreak was only to tether
iPhone to my Macbook since I've moved house and living out of a hotel
until move into my next house. I would never have jailbroken if Apple
did not killswitch the NetShare application. Tethering is 100% legal
in my country and Apple just lost me in only 2 weeks of iPhone

Cydia -> OpenSSH.
Then I just reverse ssh socks proxied into my iPhone and shazam.
Internet access here I am. (Downloading all my Mac updates as I type).


On 17/09/2008, skip at <skip at> wrote:
> Anybody tried this port of Python to the iPhone?
> Hasn't been updated since July 2007.  Maybe just a proof-of-concept?  I'm
> guessing it involves jailbreaking the phone.
> Skip
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