python - mechanize/browser/POST issue

Mohamed Yousef harrrrpo at
Wed Sep 3 11:49:38 CEST 2008

Hello ,

i don't know about mechanize but in general all you have to do is a
simple socket text sending
connect to the server then send it POST headers to page in question..

what to send ? getting this your self is much better and one of the
best tools is LiveHTTPHeaders - an addon for firefox -
so open it post the form in browser then see what you got in
LiveHttpHeaders , it will also help you more read through the form
being posted html code (knowing posted fields)

Mohamed Yousef

2008/9/3 bruce <bedouglas at>:
> evening...
> using mechanize/Browser, i can easily do a url/get, and process submitting a
> form that uses a GET as the action. however, I'm not quite sure how to
> implement the submittal of a form, that uses the POST action.
> Anyone have a short chunk of code that I can observer, that uses the
> mechanize.Browser implentation?
> in searching the net, i haven't found any...
> thanks
> --

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