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You are absolutely correct.  I was praying to G_d I did not have to
slaughter my project's source code in this manner.  However, like life
itself, I was given legacy source code (i.e. someone else errors to fix)
in Perl.  However, I have just found out that there is a way to import
the Perl interpreter within Python!!!  I now believe I can utilize
python as the main platform to develop the project upon !!  




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> I was wondering if it was possible to have a situation where a 
> programming project would utilized BOTH python and perl?  Such as 
> utilizing python for internet programming and then utilize perl for 
> text processing and systems programming?  Is this even feasible???

I don't see why not but I also question if it is a good idea.  Once you
have all your objects and low level methods written in Python it just
makes sense to re-use them rather than trying to duplicate the
functionality in another language.

Of course, sometimes we don't have control over our entire environment
so yes, you can mix them if you have to.

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