standalone buildbot possible/ don't have a remote

mark mark.fink1 at
Sun Sep 28 21:15:50 CEST 2008

I want to start small and setup a buildbot on one machine (no slaves).
I hope this is possible. I assume I only need one master in this case
(without slave config)???

from my master.cfg
c['slaves'] = []

... (rest of the sample config)

b1 = {'name': "buildbot-full",
#      'slavename': "bot1name",
      'builddir': "full",
      'factory': f1,

Do I need some configuration that the builder uses the master
instance? I experimented a bit and searched for a similar
configuration so far without success  :-((

I did run the buildbot testsuite without errors.

Here is one problem the buildbot writes out on console:
2008-09-28 20:43:10+0200 [-] maybeStartBuild <Builder 'buildbot-full'
at 139666188>: [<buildbot.process.base.BuildRequest instance at
0x854758c>] []
2008-09-28 20:43:10+0200 [-] <Builder 'buildbot-full' at 139666188>:
want to start build, but we don't have a remote

Another thing I can think of is to set up two processes on one
machine, which would be a bit of an overhead.


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