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Mon Sep 8 03:35:00 CEST 2008

Paul Boddie <paul at> writes:

> On 7 Sep, 23:00, castironpi <castiro... at> wrote:
> > I am concerned by the lack of follow-through on some responses to
> > recent ideas I have described. Do I merely have a wrong
> > understanding of group policy?
> I think some people have taken exception to your contributions
> previously, which I believe exhibits a certain degree of
> shortsightedness on their part

For my part, I find those posts a mammoth waste of my time, since
they're shrouded in language so difficult to parse that I can't see
what they're supposed to be saying in a reasonable amount of time.

So, I consider it more valuable to never see those posts; if someone
else can find a gem of wisdom in any of them that's significantly
valuable, presumably I'll find out by some other means than attempting
to read those posts myself.

This is not intended as any kind of offense to the author, nor to
anyone not fluent in written English; it's merely a choice I make as
to how I will spend my time.

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