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> declaimed the following in comp.lang.python:
> > Too bad. I brought this up because I use Python a lot with
> > database work and rarely for proving theorms in ZFC.
>         As a by-stander... let the DBMS do its work, don't try to make
> Python do what DBMS SQL does...

Sure, and in most cases I use Visual Basic for Applications
when I need functionality I can't get directly from SQL.

But anybody who's used VBA with Access must know what a PITA
it is. And even when you get it working, you sometimes wish you
hadn't. I have a Mann-Kendall trend analysis that must be done
quarterly on over 150 combinations of well:analyte. It takes
over 6 hours to process this (and I don't know how much is due to
VBA, Access, server, network, etc.). It's something I'd love to
try in Python (if I can find the time to translate it).

But I'm wary of things that Python might do (such as return 0
when summing an empty list) that SQL/VBA does not.

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