[ANN] XPN 1.2.5

pataphor pataphor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 15:17:19 CEST 2008

Nemesis wrote:

> XPN (X Python Newsreader) is a multi-platform newsreader with Unicode
> support. It is written with Python+GTK. It has features like
> scoring/actions, X-Face and Face decoding, muting of quoted text,
> newsrc import/export, find article and search in the body, spoiler
> char/rot13, random taglines and configurable attribution lines.

Thanks! It works great. What I especially like about it is that it can
be run from the directory it is in, without needing to be installed.
This enabled me to run it under Ubuntu from another Ubuntu computer
using sshfs. After some tinkering I was also able to run the same
instance from a windows XP computer using a samba share. (Although the
samba share was rather hard to set up because all the subdirectories
needed permissions ...  something like sudo chmod o+rw -R *). To make
it run from that XP computer I also needed to add an
sys.path.insert(0,'./') after import sys in xpn.py .

But anyway, I can now run it from anywhere and I'm really looking
forward to start tinkering with whatever other functionality I can
think of to add to it, but unfortunately it is rather complete :-) .
Did you know there is a tab in Articles_DB.py line 8? :-) Ducking ...


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