Python IDEs with F5 or hotkey shell interaction

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On Sep 2, 7:01 am, mmm <mdbol... at> wrote:
> I am looking for advice on Python Editors and IDEs
> I have read other posts and threads on the subject and my two
> questions at this time are mainly about the IDLE-like F5-run
> facilities.  While I am fairly happy using IDLE, the debugger is
> unintuitive to me and I wanted a project manager and a better variable/
> class browser and also the potential to edit/run other languages such
> as R and Tex/Latex. Windows and LINUX compatibility is desired too.
> I found numerous editor candidates from reading posts to this Python
> users group list  and also documents such as
> but few if any alternatives seem to have all of the  ‘interactive’
> power of IDLE—- not only a run program in a python shell hotkey but a
> persistent, after-a-run memory state can be accessed for interactive
> coding and exploration--  i.e. how IDLE works !
> *** My first questions is what other editor/IDE have IDLE-like
> interactive features.  Or to put it another way, is my appraisal below
> of the editors & IDEs I tried right (note some where looked at as much
> as a year ago).
> Python specific
>  IDLE        F5 run & Full shell interaction
>  PythonWin   F5 run & Full shell interaction, MS Windows only
>  PyScripter  F9 run & shell interaction,
>                      but script created variables are not persistent
> (???!)
>  PyPE       F5 run, but not an interactive shell
>  DrPython    F5 run, but not an interactive shell in MS Windows (maybe
> in Linux)
>  SPE (Stani) Could not get it to run in MS Windows (???!)
> PyScripter,PyPeand drPython all had nice features but interaction
> quirks.
> My second question is based on a belief that I should move to a more
> general IDE or editor to get  LINUX compatibility and the ability to
> also edit R and LaTex programs.  I have explored these
>    Vim
>    Cream/Vim
>    UliPad
>    SciTe
>    Jext
>    Editra
>    Komodo Editor
> But none are close to being as interactive friendly as IDLE.
> I might look at
>   Eclypse with pydev
>   Jedit
> And these commercial/professional IDEs
>   Wing
>   Komodo IDE
>   Zeus
> But before doing so I wanted to know form experienced users:
> ** How hard is it to configure any of the general editors/IDEs to run
> a Python shell using a hotkey (such as IDLEs F5) and whether any can
> be set up for full interactivity.
> I understand and appreciate  the difficulties to get full IDLE-like
> interactivity, but what comes closest?

I know I'm a little late on this (I only hopped in to check on some
other older threads), but if you are careful, PyPE can allow you to
run your script in an interactive shell.  In particular, if you select
the content of the code you would like to run (changing any if
__name__ == '__main__' into '__console__' references, then use File ->
"Run Selected Code", it will select a Python Shell (if one exists) or
create a new one, and run your code in that shell.  If you are willing
to muck about in the source code, it shouldn't be too difficult to add
a '-i' to the "Run Current File" command (which I may add as an option
in the next version of PyPE).

 - Josiah

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