Launching a subprocess without waiting around for the result?

Gary Herron gherron at
Fri Sep 19 23:02:56 CEST 2008

Almar Klein wrote:
>     Ah, no, that's a different thing. If the parent exits, the child will
>     also be killed I believe.
> Not if it's stuck in some endless loop...
>     If you want to spawn a process and have it live on independent of the
>     parent, you want to make the child process a "daemon", detatching
>     itself from the parent's environment. I don't recall how that's done
>     immediately, but those are the terms to search for.
> I'm curious how this can be done, does anyone know this?

I just dove into this several day ago for a small project.   

On Linux it's easy -- it involves a couple of forks and other system 
calls.   Google for 

On Windows, a bit of searching seems to find a consensus that the way to 
do something similar is as a Window's service.  I'm just now looking 
into how to register and start a service, and how to stop and remove it 
later.  Google finds lots of information on this -- perhaps I'll post my 
result when I've pulled it all together.

Gary Herron

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