Representation of python code ?

Tim Golden mail at
Mon Sep 15 17:12:56 CEST 2008

showellshowell at wrote:
> On Sep 15, 4:38 am, Maric Michaud <ma... at> wrote:
>> Le Sunday 14 September 2008 15:44:03 Barak, Ron, vous avez écrit :
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> Is there a script/application, which gets as input python code, and
>>> produces a (graphic) representation of the inter-relationships between its
>>> classes/functions ? Bye,
> If you can't find anything that's already packaged up and polished,
> one possibility is to use the parser and/or compiler.ast modules in
> Python to analyze your code, then produce something that graphviz can
> consume.

On that note, perhaps have a look at PySmell [1] which
Orestis Lightning-spoke about at PyconUK over the weekend.
It's designed as an autocompletion tool, but he mentioned
that the structure it generates could well be used for
other purposes.



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