how to protect the source

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Mon Sep 15 13:29:41 CEST 2008


João Abrantes wrote:
> Hello Everyone.
> I am building a client in python that will connect himself to a mysql
> server with a certain username and password. I will compile this client
> and turn him into a .exe . The thing is that I know that is possible to
> get the source of the code back from an .exe and I don't want anyone to
> know which username and password are they using because I don't want
> them to access to the mysql server without my client. Do you have any
> ideas of what can i do? Thanks! <mailto:python-list at>

Don't put that into the source. Use whatever your database supports
for authorisation with a config file or ssl certificate. You can not
hide the credentials when you need to give them out of your hands.

Better protect the database objects with permissions on tables, views
and stored procedures. Everything your program can do everybody having
your program can do.


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