Looking for a Python developer in Austin

johnc john at btqnet.com
Mon Sep 29 00:48:24 EDT 2008

I’m looking for a python guru to help me and my company grow in this
language area. We are native to .net but have found ourselves with a
larger python perl project that needs some really good team members.
Because this is not our core language I want to make sure this is a
good fit.  I can discuss more details but wanted to check if you are
looking for work and are good in the webservices area of these
languages? This is more of an infrastructure project not a website for
external users.

The job will require expert knowledge of webservices both writing and
working with existing services. Possibly soap and others.

Thanks for your time in advance. This is not a spam post, we really do
need a guru to join our team. :)

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