What is not objects in Python?

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Sun Sep 28 20:41:59 CEST 2008


process wrote:
> I have heard some criticism about Python, that it is not fully object-
> oriented.

Don't listen to the voices... ;)

> What is not an object in Python?

> Why isn't len implemented as a str.len and list.len method instead of
> a len(list) function?

So you also want to write 1+2 in the form of 1.add(2) ?
(Yes, in python you can do that, as well as "hello".__len__() works
  even (1).__add__(2) works.)
Maybe its just that python don't want to waste good names for methods :-)

So as said above in some other thread, python supports OO but does not
force to write OO.

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