creating a similar object from an derived class

MRAB google at
Thu Sep 4 00:29:43 CEST 2008

On Sep 3, 8:09 pm, Scott <smba... at> wrote:
> Let's say I have an object:
> class foo():
>    def create_another()
>        return foo()
>    def blah():
>        x = self.create_another()
>        ... do something with X
> Now I create a inherited class of this object:
> class bar(foo):
>     ...
> If I call bar.create_another(), it will return a foo() instead of a
> bar(). This isn't what I want. I would like bar.create_another() to
> create an instance for bar(). Obviously I can do this by overriding
> create_another, i.e.
> class bar(foo):
>     def create_another()
>         return bar()
> However, is there a way for me to modify foo() so that it
> automatically creates objects of the derived class, so that I don't
> have to continue to redefine create_another() ?
> For example, I tried the following:
> def create_another()
>     return self.type()()
> but it did not work.
If you want a foo object to be able to create another foo object and a
bar object to be able to create another bar object then you could do

    class foo():
        def create_another(self):
            return self.__class__()

    class bar(foo):

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