Read Binary data

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Sep 4 18:03:54 CEST 2008

"Mars creature" wrote:

>   I am trying to read a binary file created by the following matlab
> command:
> fid=fopen('a.bin','w','b'); fwrite(fid,a,'real*8'); fclose(fid);, and
> wondering how to do it in Python. I googled it but still get
> confused.
>   'b' in fopen is for 'big-endian', 'real*8' in fwrite is for 64bit
> float.

f = open("a.bin", "rb") # read binary data
s = # read all bytes into a string

import array, sys

a = array.array("f", s) # "f" for float
if sys.byteorder != "big":


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