Serial I/O problem with pywin32 ?

Xavier xlebourd at
Wed Sep 3 11:44:19 CEST 2008


I try to access to a Bluetooth GPS data-logger with Python. I use

Sending and receiving little messages (~100 char) works fine. However,
when I ask the GPS to dump the trails, it returns some Mbytes and here
is the problem : in the stream of bytes, I randomly losts chunks of

I tried USPP and pyBlueZ instead of pySerial : same problem.

It doesn't like it is a bufferoverun bug from me because :
 - the GPS seems to wait when I do not read the stream,
 - there is never more than 200 inWainting() characters,
 - my code to test it is quite simple :

  seriallink = serial.Serial("COM40")
  fileName = "data.dump"
  out = open(fileName, 'w')
  while 1:
    c =
    out.write(" %0.2X" % ord(c))
    print "*",

(with pyBluez :
sock=BluetoothSocket( RFCOMM )
sock.connect(("00:0A:...", 1)))

I tried my program on two different PC with two Bluetooth dongle,
(with pySerial, USPP, pyBluez).
The same things are :
 - windows
 - the GPS (which works fine with the dumper program of the
 - pyWin32

I've found another guy with a similar problem :
He says:
 - no problem with little messages
 - lost of one byte every hour when receiving a lot of data

Any known problems with pywin32 and serial I/O when downloading a big
stream of data ?

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