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Wed Sep 24 17:19:58 CEST 2008

Hi Terry

Oops i never realised the mistake i have commited

I apologise 
(i thought changing the subject line would make a new thread)
I apologise
(I thought Python programmers were smart and they did know what LINQ was)
I don't apologise
( i dont apologise for the third one not sounding cocky here but i did google but nothing much came up thats when i posted the question here since i always see Python programmers are somehow smarter then programmers in other langauges i don't know if its the language or the programmers themselves that make them smart)


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> Subject: Re: Linq to Python
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> Date: Tuesday, 23 September, 2008, 7:51 PM
> > Will LINQ be ported to Python ?
> I have three suggestions:
> 1. When starting a new thread, start a *new* thread. 
> Don't tack a new, 
> unrelated subject onto an existing thread.  Your post will
> not be seen 
> by people with readers that collapse thread and who do not
> happen to 
> read the 'Python is slow?' thread.
> 2. Also, give enough informaton that people can understand
> your question 
> without searching the web and guessing.  In particular,
> that do *you* 
> mean by LINQ?  The game?  The .NET component? Or something
> else?
> 3. Before posting, search the Python manuals or the web a
> bit for an 
> answer.  If you mean the .NET component, googling
> 'Python LINQ' should 
> partly answer your question.
> tjr
> --


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