Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Sep 30 21:28:54 CEST 2008

Blubaugh, David A. wrote:
> To All, 
> I have been attempting to execute the following program within the
> Python environment:
> Myprogram.exe, which means this is an executable file!!
> I would usually execute this program (with the appropriate arguments) by
> going to following directory within MS-DOS (Windows XP):
> C:\myprogramfolder\run> Myprogram.exe 1 1 acc 0
> The executable would execute perfectly.

Because you execute it in the necessary directory.

> However, when I would try to execute the following lines of source code
> within a python script file:
> import os
> os.system(r"C:\myprogramfolder\run\Myprogram.exe 1 1 acc 0") 

This does not execute it in the proper directory.
os.getcwd() will tell you where you are -- mostly likely .../Pythonx.y.

os.chdir("C:/myprogramfolder/run") # / works fine, and without r prefix
os.system("Myprogram.exe 1 1 acc 0")

> The executable file would start to execute until it would print an error
> stating that it cannot use a (.dat) file, which is located under the
> following directory:  
> C:\myprogramfolder\run\inputs\io\control.dat
> I believe I may be missing something here that prevents the executable
> file working within python from utilizing this (.dat).  The printed
> final error is the following:
> ERROR opening inputs/io/control.dat
> Does anyone know what that could be ??

That file does not exist in the Pythonx.y directory where the program 
starts ;-).


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