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>>>On Sat, 27 Sep 2008 14:56:07 -0700 (PDT), Milenko Stojadinovic Cvrcko
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>>>>Hello, this is Milenko Stojadinovic from town Banjaluka,
>>>>Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as Cvrcko
>>>>Does anyone know of any bars in town where I can
>>>>swallow a bucket of cum? It can be either dog,
>>>>horse or human cum. Also, does anyone know of
>>>>any sex bars where people will shit in your mouth?
>>>>I also like eating shit.
>>>Come to the US and park your mouth in front of George Bush - all the
>>>Bshit you can eat - and it keeps on coming!
>>>I have a buddy in Bosna - he's normal.
>> Now you know why I blanket kill-file googlegroups.
>So you and everybody can talk about them nonstop?

If you mean Google Groups the condemnation is justified.

Who is "them?"  Real people do occasionally wander in to GG - or those
without news servers - or without understanding of Usenet.

Basically, in the engineering groups (in particular) outsiders are
welcome.  Engineers are smart, creative and tolerant as a general

Lighten up.  Who are you defending?  and Who goes into Usenet with a
thin skin?  Expect ridicule, expect condemnation - "water off a duck's

You may think your viewpoint is the only one, the right one, the valid
one - but a few million others may disagree.  And you ain't started to
deal with culture shock - some countries place emphasis on diplomacy _
you know the "how are you?" stuff, others don't, and seem very cold.


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