Python IDEs with F5 or hotkey shell interaction

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Mon Sep 15 18:58:16 CEST 2008

hello Almar,

Almar Klein wrote:
>     ...
>     but few if any alternatives seem to have all of the  'interactive'
>     power of IDLE—- not only a run program in a python shell hotkey but a
>     persistent, after-a-run memory state can be accessed for interactive
>     coding and exploration--  i.e. how IDLE works !
> I felt the same. Coming from Matlab, I missed the interactive behaviour.
> I found IPython with a proper editor (I really liked PyPE) a nice 
> solution.
> Still, I found it awkward having to use two programs and not having code
> completion in my editor (I mean the editor not knowing what names are
> present in my python session.)
> Therefore, I started creating an editor with an interactive shell in 
> it in which
> you can run (parts of) your code and have a persisten session. It's not
> finished yet, but I'm quite happy with the result so far. It starts 
> python in a
> subprocess in much the same way PyPE does. I actually "stole" code from
> PyPE as a base for multiple things (thanks Josiah :) ).
Any change we could see some code already ?
I'm working on something similar,
bored of the bugs in my current IDE.
Here are my first notes:
It should become a very-simple-very-high-level IDE,
like Matlab, but then better ;-)


> Almar
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