Here's something interesting: sympy crashes in Python 2.6 (Windows)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Sep 21 11:37:26 CEST 2008

Mensanator wrote:

> I'm not the one who wrote sympy, so I guess I'm not
> the only one who didn't notice it.
> If it's a well known problem, then sorry I wasted
> your time.

Given that 2.5 explicitly warns about this specific change:

 >>> as = 1
<stdin>:1: Warning: 'as' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6

it's an unknown issue only for people who has 1) never used their code 
under 2.5, or 2) never looks at the output produced by their programs.

The PEP-5 process guarantees that "users will have at least a year to 
test their programs and migrate them from use of the deprecated 
construct to the alternative one," and Python 2.5 was released *two* 
years ago.

So it sure looks like the SimPy folks ignored the established process. 
Why they've done that is probably a more interesting issue than the 
change itself.


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