Blubaugh, David A. dblubaugh at
Sat Sep 20 18:59:06 CEST 2008

To All,
I have now been able to generate a .pyd file from a FORTRAN file that I am trying to interface with python.  I was able to execute this with an additional insight into how f2py operates.  It seems as though the documentation requires an upgrade, since there appears to be missing information that might misdirect a   f2py newcomer, such as myself.  However, I am now facing the following new error:
ImportError: DLL load with error code 193
The python script is as follows:
import hello

print hello.__doc__



The Fortran code is as follows:

! -*- f90 -*-

subroutine foo(a)

integer a 

print*, "Hello from Fortran!" 

print*, "a=", a 


I was wondering as to what I should now try in order to finally produce a python sending and receiving information from a FORTRAN .pyd file.
Any Suggestions???
Do I have to recompile Python with mingw32 in order to finally resolve this issue??  
David Blubaugh

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