Tix Combo box problem - remains in editable mode only

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Tue Sep 30 12:57:49 CEST 2008


I'm facing a problem with the tix combo box in a way that my combo box is
always in an editable mode after I have cleared subwidgets Entry and Listbox
from it.

My setup is like this :

CheckButton1 :

If this is unset, the combo box should get disabled, the entries in it
should get cleared ( entries are listbox and entry subwidgets) which in my
case they get cleared.

When this check box is set again, the combo box should get enabled, with no
entries in listbox and entry subwidgets ( which are reallly cleared in my
case.) But the combox box having being enabled is in editable mode despite
of setting it to un-editable mode.

The code is as follows:
#Combo Box
self.cbAnalysisLibVersion = Tix.ComboBox(self.frame1, \
                                                 dropdown = True, \

command=self.__cllbkAnalysisLibVer, \
                                                 editable=0, \
                                                 options='listbox.height 8\
                                                 listbox.width 25 \
                                                 entry.width 30 \
                                                 entry.anchor w \
                                                 entry.padx 30', \
                                                 history = False)

#Check Button box
self.chBtResultsComparison = Checkbutton(self.frame2, \
                                               text = "Results Comparison",
                                               variable =
varResultsComparison, \
                                               command =

def __cllbkResultsComparison(self, Event = None):

    subLB = self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.subwidget("listbox")
    subEntry = self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.subwidget("entry")

    if varResultsComparison.get() != 1:
        #Disable Tolerance Text Box

        self.txtTolerance.delete(1.0, END)
        self.txtTolerance.config(state = DISABLED, \
                                     bg = "grey")
        #Delete all entries (entry & subwidget's entries)
        #in Reference Analysis Results Version Combo Box
        #and disable this combo box.

        #First Delete the Listbox sub-widget entries
        subLB.delete(0, END)
        subLB.config(state = DISABLED)

        #Then delete Entry sub-widget entries
        #subEntry = self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.subwidget("entry")
        subEntry.config(state = NORMAL)
        subEntry.delete(0, END)
        subEntry.config(state = DISABLED)

        self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.config(state = DISABLED)
        #Diable Result Comparison Button
        self.btViewComparisonResults.config(state = DISABLED)

        #Check box is ticked
        #Enable the Tolerance text box
        self.txtTolerance.config(state = NORMAL, \
                                     bg = "white")
        #Enable the Reference Analysis Combo box
        #self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.config(state = NORMAL, editable=0)
        self.cbAnalysisLibVersion.configure(state = NORMAL, editable = 0)
        subLB.config(state = NORMAL)
        subEntry.config(state = NORMAL)

        self.btViewComparisonResults.config(state = NORMAL)

Please suggest what is that I am missing

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