Are spams on comp.lang.python a major nuisance?

nntpman68 news1234 at
Fri Sep 26 22:34:31 CEST 2008


I guess you just filter mailing lists and can do nothing about the 
newsgroup if I'm fetching via the nntp server of my ISP itself, right?

I'm using Thunderbird as news reader and this is probably not the 
smartest news reader, though I like it a lot for mails.

Is there any pythonable (or perlable) news reader running under windows 
/ cygwin or any way (under WIN XP) to use scripts to filter newsgroups 
for Thunderbird?

- I'm annoyed by any spam.
It's tough to find good rules, but the incoming spams that I see 
currently on comp.lang.python have certain criteas.

- most email addresses from gmail.
- all never posted before and then they have multiple posts within a few 
minutes  / seconds
- the posts always contain one or more urls ( mostly cryptic names )
- they always start a thread but never reply to one
- the post doesn't contain python code or anything which looks only 
vaguely like source code
- never mentions the word python
- the amount of sexual or financial vocabulary exceeds classical python 



Aaron "Castironpi" Brady wrote:
> On Sep 26, 11:43 am, "Tim Rowe" <digi... at> wrote:
>> 2008/9/26 Steven D'Aprano <st... at>:
>>> I don't have any objective numbers, but subjectively it seems to me that
>>> the number of spams is significantly higher, but not so high as to be a
>>> major nuisance.
>> I consider *any* spam to be a major nuisance, but I don't see them as
>> being the fault of python-list which seems to do a pretty good job of
>> blocking them
>> --
>> Tim Rowe
> Is it worth mentioning that they come from the same author in a short
> period of time?  Maybe that could bump up the score a notch.
> I think in June and July they were selling watches a lot which I
> haven't noticed recently.

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