Coming from .NET and VB and C

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Tue Sep 9 20:53:42 EDT 2008

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> > I'm coming from a .NET, VB, C background.
> > Any suggestions for someone new to the scene like me?
> Welcome! Unfortunately, you probably have a lot of bad habits to
> unlearn. Don't use Python like another C, VB or Java. It will cause a
> lot of grief, and you'll end up with the idea that Python is slow like
> a slug. Python is more like Lisp or Haskell, but with a readable
> syntax. There are list comprehensions, generator expressions,
> dictionaries, sets, lists, list slicing, lambdas, map, reduce, filter,
> closures, etc. They are there to be used, and be used a lot. Learning
> to use Python efficiently is what has the steepest learning curve.

Variable argument lists, first-class function objects.

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