check if the values are prensent in a list of values

flit superflit at
Tue Sep 9 20:04:05 CEST 2008

Hello All,

I will appreciate the help from the more skillfull pythonistas..

I have a small app that generates a sequence like


This values I am putting in a list.

So I have a list = [00341,01741,03254]

after the programs find the sequence 03401 this sequence is "new" so
it appends on the list. But I want to avoid that as the   values are
already on the first sequence of the list (00341).
If I try to  use a "in" statement it will give false. as 00341 is
different from 00341 (but for my goal not..)

How can I check against this list and avoid to put "different"
sequences but same values?

as 34100 --> dont append on the list
14300 ---> dont append on the list
05321 --> append to the list.

Am I doing some conceptual error using lists?
There is a better approach?


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