Build Python, Numpy and Scipy source with Visual Studio 6.0 for windows

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Tue Sep 16 14:52:10 CEST 2008

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> > I wonder if anyone can advise me or has done similar to the following?
> > Basically I've downloaded the Python 2.5.2 source code that builds
> > with Visual Studio 6.0. I've built Python for windows. This was easy
> > (it even came with the pcbuild.dsw workspace file). Great!
> > Now comes the troubled bit...I now look for similar source code for
> > Python extensions Numpy and Scipy but the source code and directories
> > are not all obvious. Looks like these are normally built via other
> > compilers. However I need to do all my builds in VS 6.0.
> > For Numpy (I haven't got as far as Scipy yet) I've organised the
> > source code into the following projects and lumped them all into my
> > new workspace numpy.dsw:
> Don't try to roll your own projects, compile it using distutils instead.  
> Distutils takes care of defining the right symbols and compiler options,  
> and should detect VS.
> I'm pretty sure the Numpy README file (or similar) describes how to build  
> it; usually you install the required dependencies and then run:
> python build
> --
> Gabriel Genellina

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately I need as much control and visibility as possible as I
eventually want to port from windows os to pharlap rtos.

I appreciate your advice and I understand it's not a great idea to
roll your own, but if it's possible, I really need to do so.

Any further help/advice greatly appreciated


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