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J Peyret jpeyret at
Thu Sep 25 22:30:56 CEST 2008

On Sep 25, 12:24 pm, python-... at wrote:

> def whoisthethief("List" x):
>   return iknowit(x)
> def whoisthethief("String" x, "String" y):
>   return iknowit([x,y])

I dunno if this is very Pythonic in nature, but I've done things like
rebinding methods dynamically.


>>> def test(a):
... 	return a * 2
>>> print test(2)
>>> def test2(b):
... 	return b * 3
>>> test = test2
>>> print test(2)

In your case

def myNewThiefIdentifier(x,y):
   return "Dunno"

whoisthethief = myNewThiefIdentifier

Which method would this affect (i.e. which 'whoisthethief')?

I assume you could figure it out, given a match on the signature, but
how much work would this require from the developer and the

(apologies in case Google Groups decide to multipost)

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