multiple processes, private working directories

Tim Arnold a_jtim at
Wed Sep 24 21:27:24 EDT 2008

I have a bunch of processes to run and each one needs its own working
directory. I'd also like to know when all of the processes are

(1) First thought was threads, until I saw that os.chdir was process-
(2) Next thought was fork, but I don't know how to signal when each
child is
(3) Current thought is to break the process from a method into a
script; call the script in separate threads.  This is the only way I
can see
to give each process a separate dir (external process fixes that), and
I can
find out when each process is finished (thread fixes that).

Am I missing something? Is there a better way? I hate to rewrite this
as a script since I've got a lot of object metadata that I'll have to
regenerate with each call of the script.

thanks for any suggestions,
--Tim Arnold

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