setattr in class

Michael Palmer m_palmer45 at
Sat Sep 13 00:53:00 CEST 2008

On Sep 12, 11:08 am, Bojan Mihelac <bmihe... at> wrote:
> Hi all - when trying to set some dynamic attributes in class, for
> example:
> class A:
>     for lang in ['1', '2']:
>         exec('title_%s = lang' % lang) #this work but is ugly
>         # setattr(A, "title_%s" % lang, lang) # this wont work
> setattr(A, "title_1", "x") # this work when outside class
> print A.title_1
> print A.title_2
> I guess A class not yet exists in line 4. Is it possible to achive
> adding dynamic attributes without using exec?
> thanks,
> Bojan

Is it really worth it? If the names of the attributes are only known
at runtime, why not just use a dict - that's what they are for. If you
want a dict plus some special behaviour, just write a class that
inherits from dict, or use UserDict.DictMixin.

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