PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Thu Sep 4 07:49:21 CEST 2008

On 3 Sep., 18:34, Michael Palmer <m_palme... at> wrote:
> As anyone knows, the state of Python GUI programming is a little
> fractured at this time, with many toolkits, wrappers and meta-wrappers
> dead and alive, with or without documentation.

A few thoughts.

1) This topic is discussed here every few months. While some kind of
AnyGUI is theoretically very elegant it hasn't worked out well in
practice: GUI libs are huge and heterogeneous. It's much unlike
building an API-layer on top of SQL. Moreover I'd like to ask whether
the fragmentation turns out to be that much of a problem in practice?

2) Tcl/Tk might have a revival due to the new Tk-theme engine in
version 8.5.

Chances are Tkinter widgets will not look like early '90s legacy

3) Following the public rumor mill and the latest hype RIA i.e. the
merge of web- and desktop applications with systems like Adobe AIR,
JavaFX, Google Gears and MS Silverlight is the future of frontend
development. With the exception of IronPython and Silverlight, Python
hasn't even entered this game and no one knows if it ever will.

Ciao, Kay

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