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Chris Rebert clp at
Mon Sep 8 21:04:41 CEST 2008

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 9:03 AM, Eric Wertman <ewertman at> wrote:
>> Perhaps the wrong idea of what the group is.  I would have thought
>> that
>> if one had a sufficiently developed idea and wanted to have it /
>> formally/
>> rejected, rather than merely sniped at, then writting a PEP would be
>> more
>> apposite than posting to
>> It's fine to post your not sufficiently developed ideas here merely
>> to
>> have them discussed.  But I don't know what makes you feel that you,
>> or
>> your ideas, are /entitled/ to any response at all, much less
>> "follow-through."
> To expand on this a little bit,  I've been subscribed to this group
> for a couple of months, but there seems to be a bit more gray area
> between what would go to a 'python-dev'  group and a 'python-user'
> group.   Long debates about language features and abstract ideas would
> appeal to the former, but not the latter.  Certainly I fall into the
> user category..  I'm pretty happy with python, and generally just
> adjust to it's design and features, rather than spend lots of time on
> whether they are 'right' or could be 'better'.  /shrug

Yeah, suggestions about changing the language are much better suited
to the more-specific Python-ideas or Python-3000 mailinglists than the
general-purpose c.l.p
- Chris

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