removing text string

bearophileHUGS at bearophileHUGS at
Thu Sep 11 14:54:15 CEST 2008

Ahmed, Shakir:
> Actually the number I am getting it is from slicing from a long text
> line. I need to slice 10 characters from that line but no string only
> numeric numbers. When I am slicing 10 characters those A, c, O is coming
> at the end.

It's better to avoid Regular expressions when they aren't necessary,
but once in a while they are the simpler way to solve a problem, you
may create one like this (mostly untested):


Using it like:

>>> import re
>>> patt = re.compile(r"\d+?-\d+")
>>>"xxxxxx080829-7_A xxxx").group()
>>>"\d+?-\d+", "xxxxxx080829-7_A xxxx").group()

Learning Regexps can be useful.


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