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Maric Michaud maric at
Mon Sep 15 13:29:45 CEST 2008

Le Monday 15 September 2008 13:02:58 João Abrantes, vous avez écrit :
> Hello Everyone.

> I am building a client in python that will connect himself to a mysql
> server with a certain username and password. I will compile this client
> and turn him into a .exe . The thing is that I know that is possible to
> get the source of the code back from an .exe and I don't want anyone to
> know which username and password are they using because I don't want
> them to access to the mysql server without my client. Do you have any
> ideas of what can i do? Thanks!

You're going on the wrong path. It's far easier to sniff the network traffic 
to get the password than to decompile the program. Furthermore you  can't 
achieve good security this way (games vendors try hard to do this but are 
always defeated). You can't hope to gain control on what your users do with 
the access you  gave them.

So, the right thing to do is to only allow on the database server the 
operations your client app needs given the account you created specifically 
for it.


Maric Michaud

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