Beazley on Generators

Craig Allen callen314 at
Thu Apr 2 00:07:42 CEST 2009

this is great, thanks... we have used generators to create something
akin to a cooperative tasking environment... not to implement
multitasking, but to be able to control low level data processing
scripts.  These scripts, written as generators, yield control to a
control loop which then can pause, resume, abort, or change the state
of shared context objects which the script uses as it's input and
output space.  E.g. the control loop can see there is intermediate
output which an operator (managing a data reduction pipeline) might
want to see.

I can see from the first few slide I need to understand this. It
already seems clear that there are ways to improve our approach to
what we have done, though the overall approach is solid and works

anyway thanks.

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